Shop Description

Focus Auto Design is a Canadian company founded in 1987. We specialize as manufacturers of restyling and protective automotive products. Our roots started out selling our accessories to niche aftermarkets across North America, targeting markets that we saw as easy to exploit with products made of higher quality materials and labourer all done here, in Canada, with the quality control that we would expect when buying something for ourselves.

As with many start ups our initial vision of the company changed over time and our horizons were now set further with greater expectations and plans of brand expansion. The decision was later made to work towards the opportunity to sell our products in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) market, as many of them were already carrying these accessories. The automakers are now Focus Auto’s primary customer base, distributing both our passenger car and truck hood protectors as their OEM approved accessories. Keeping all operations in Canada and The United States, Focus Auto has since adjusted our distributor base to sell exclusively to the wholesale distributors and OEM’s. You can find our brands from East to West, with a common narrative of being high quality and long lasting.

Throughout the 30+ years we've been in business, we like to think we've thrived as a company partially due to our continuous demonstration and continued practice of 5 core values we expect from all Focus Auto employees; Improvement, Professionalism, Dedication, Be a Team Player and Enjoy the Ride. Despite our offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants all growing in terms of size and production, we've managed to sustain our core company values while delivering the same sense of "neighbourly" service and gratitude to all our distributors and partners in business.

New product development has always been of high importance to us, whether we’re improving the technology of existing products or bringing innovation to our customers, we see it as the backbone of any great firm, providing new growth and value for not only ourselves, but in return our distributors as well.